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Thoughts - Depression and Anxiety, my tantrum toddlers

Depression and anxiety share a bunch of symptoms. People who feel depressed will undoubtedly feel anxious at times and people with Anxiety will probably feel depressed at times…

But what happens when you are coping with Depression and Anxiety together? More of the same…?


They behave like two sticky fingered, stroppy toddlers, fighting for your attention. I like to refer to these sulky tantrum twins, as my very own Cocktail of Chaos. Perhaps you’re dealing with your own chaos cocktail?

Why chaos?

Although they share many of the same symptoms, at times, Depression and Anxiety are like chalk and cheese… Conservatives and Labourites. Mcdonald's and Burger King.

They’re under the same umbrella, but really, they’re big old rivals.

Times my metaphorical toddlers, Depression and Anxiety, have a tantrum...

1. Waking up

Depression makes you want to stay in bed. At its most powerful, it can make you feel like you should just stay there forever. As lethargy sets in, it’s easy to feel like you should just lie in your safe pit, ignore the world and hide away.

Anxiety can fill you with nervous energy. A fidgeteness that no fidget spinner can cure. This results in an overwhelming need to do something, a panicky sensation that tells your brain you have to get moving, now… or something terrible will happen! (Of course it won’t, but how well can you explain things to an metaphorical toddler called anxiety…)

2. Social situations

Depression can cause extremely low moods and paranoia. Whereas our panic fueled Anxiety can cause giddyness and a tendency to be loud and make rash comments.

Chaos right?

This is a horrible combination to have in social situations and can make our behaviour seem a little all over the place.

3. Sweat Betty

Anxiety makes you sweat. Depression makes you so lethargic you don’t want to shower.

4. Time

My metaphorical twins have very different perceptions of time.

Anxiety can make you feel panicked, time is passing too quickly, you’ve barely done any of the things you said you’d do by the time you were X age… QUICK!

Depression can make you feel like there is just too much time to fill doing stuff… so much effort to put it. Eurgh.

Lots of people have their own set of tantrum twins - Anxiety and Depression, stress and anger, positivity and negativity... the list goes on.

I hope in someway you may be able to relate to my two little red faced, foot thumping twins... or perhaps recognise how those around you may be struggling with them.

I’d love to hear your thoughts below and if you are coping with Anxiety, Depression or any other struggle- stay strong, stay positive and try to give your metaphorical tantrum twins some time outs!

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