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Thoughts - 5 things i've learned 30 days smoke free

1. I don’t suddenly have a pot of magic money saved up

‘Think of all the money you’ll save’. Um… yes. You should be motivated to stop smoking because it’s a horrible, smelly, dirty habit. But a horrible smelly dirty habit, I rather enjoy.

Sadly the thought of the lovely large pot of extra money I would have motivated me to quit smoking more than the obvious health benefits. I’m not sure if this stems from a disregard of my health, or greed. But I don’t like the thought of either too much, so let's not talk about that.

I was probably spending around £40 to £60 a month on tobacco. If I actively put this to one side, of course I could begin to build my magic money pot. Easy.

But with true adult adulting in mind, i’ve put it towards gin, wine and extra snacks. It melts into other things under my ‘naughty treat’ list.

2. Unsurprisingly, i’m still unfit

‘Do you feel better’. Lots of people have asked me this. Some people may feel better, refreshed… rejuvenated, after a mere 30 days.

Unfortunately I am not one of these people.

I walk and do yoga but don’t do nearly enough to get fit. And I think the excessive chocolate, pizza and wine has something to do with it. If I really wanted to get fit i’d need to focus a fair bit harder.

So no, I don’t suddenly feel amazing. Smoking is terrible for your health - but so are many other things.

3. I have more time!

It’s strange to think how much time I wasted smoking.

Say I smoked 10 a day. Spending 5 - 10 minutes with each little smoke stick.

That’s 50 minutes to 1 and a half hours out of EVERY DAY literally spent on something that will contribute to my death.


Smoking stinks. Really Stinks

After about 4 days smoke free, the stench became real. Anytime I was in close proximity to someone who had just had a cigarette… that freaky smell invaded my nostrils.

I never smelt like this!? Surely not.

I still LOVE the smell of smoke and want to smoke

Unsurprisingly I still want to smoke. Badly. I write this at my desk, G+T to one side… thinking how the whole situation could be perfectly finished off with a nice smoke.


The main thing i’ve thought about over these past 30 days is my will power. It bothers me that I can’t stay focused and have the strength of mind to quit.

People go through much worse and stay far more centred. So i’m going to do it.

And if not… look out for ‘5 things i’ve learnt after returning to a smoky world’...

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