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Thoughts - 5 reasons it's ok to not be ok

1. Everyone is not ok sometimes.

Fact. We forget this far too easily.

2. Everything is relative.

‘Why am I down?’, ‘Why am I upset?’, ‘I’ve no reason to feel sad’. Because you are and that’s you and that’s ok. That’s pretty blunt but I must tell myself this 3 or 4 times a week. Your worries or problems are completely relative to your own life. It’s human nature and it’s normal. Everyone’s worlds are different, including yours.

3. It’s human. Not everyone can be Will Ferrell’s, Elf.

Of course we all secretly wish we could hop across a zebra crossing, pick up a free street gum snack when we feel like it and call someone a cottonheadedninnymuggins…. Right? But it’s not human to be that carefree every second of the day. That’s elf. Elfish if you like.

4. It would be boring.

I hear grandmothers and mother’s echoing everywhere. But it’s kind of true. The difficulties and challenges we face make use who we are. Make us unique, give us our quirks. CHEESY. But true.

5. Sadness Is Not the Opposite of Self-Love.

Sadness is a pretty darn common emotion. NEWS FLASH I know. We all feel it and I think often try to hide it or replace it with something else or a ‘better’ emotion. What’s that about? Feeling sad or lonely can be tough to be with but it doesn’t define us. It does not mean we’re weak, or wrong or broken. It’s just a part of us for now.

Admitting you’re not ok is actually quite empowering. Yes… empowering. I guess because no one ever really does it.

‘Fine thanks yeah.’ ‘Yeah good thanks’, ‘Yeah, alright thanks’.

Yeah. yeah. Yeah.

But why, when one of our closest friends or relatives asks us this super duper, easy, ‘a five year old is more honest’ question… do we feel the need to lie? Or at least hide something. Or cover something up.

Anything other than the seemingly daunting truth!

‘Not great really’, ‘I’m struggling a bit actually’, ‘I feel a bit crap today in truth’.

Seems alien right. But it’s not. I return you to point 1.

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