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Poetry - 'Girls and Boys'

Girls do housekeeping, boys do fire making,

Girls do cleaning, boys do fixing,

Girls do caring, boys do masculine,


Girls are pretty, boys are witty.

Girls have a thigh gap, boys buckle boot strap,

Boys are strong.

Boys don’t cry.

They wear a tie and a suit, a polished boot,

She wears a skirt, she’s a flirt, a slag.

Her boobs mustn’t sag, she should fill a tote bag with the essentials,

A blusher brush, a skin coloured paste to rub on in haste, to erase her face.

Her face.

A belt to pull in her waist, metal rods to protrude her breasts, the boy wonders what she suggests.

The fakery , evokes the boys bravery, seeing her reproach he backs away.

In his seat he’ll stay.

Another guy she thinks. She makes the links. This time of night, the bars lights are bright, He’s probably six pints in, she can’t remember how long it’s been, she looks at him, bad skin, knocks him down like a bowling pin.

Let the night begin.

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