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Duologue - 'Attractive Woman and Mysterious Man'

Attractive Woman: Could you be a little louder possibly?

Mysterious Man: Could you possibly be a little more sarcastic?

(She sighs and turns to look at him then turns forward once more)

Attractive Woman: Did you speak to red eye?

Mysterious Man: The squirrel is flying.

(She nods knowingly. Ben is mouthing squirrel to himself looking highly confused)

Attractive woman: The oven is at two hundred degrees.

Mysterious Man: Centigrade?

Attractive Woman: Naturally.

(Ben is wide eyed and looks out to the audience shaking his head. He continues to polish but his eyes peep over the bin)

Attractive Woman: I am going to wash my black trousers with my White bedding this evening. Do you have any advice?

(Ben stops polishing)

Mysterious Man: I would say an economy cycle would be appropriate.

Attractive Woman: A green setting, indeed.

As Attractive Woman stands she picks up Mysterious Man’s brief case and leaves her own. Mysterious Man takes hers as she does so. They stand and look at one another and nod. Mysterious Man walks towards DSL and Attractive Woman to DSR

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