• The Writing Ginger

    Here lies the trail from which my thoughts sail...

  • Musing over Music

    Whats been on repeat. A lot.

    Royal Blood

    How did we get so dark

    One band I will never get tired of. 'How did we get so dark' is out on June the 16th. If this track is anything like the rest of the album, we're in luck. Listen here.

    Tash Sultana


    This Live Bedroom Recording hits the spot. Smooth, rhythmic melodies are what it's all about. Listen here.

    Alt J

    An Awesome Wave

    One of, if not my only favorite band. Alt J's smooth, quirky and ever surprising tunes are an absolute delight. Listen here.


    All the youtube mixes I can find

    Super soulful and super funky all rolled into one.

    Listen here.

    Electro Swing

    A Youtube collection

    'Electro Swing' is a fairly recent find of mine. I'm clearly behind the times. It does what it says on the tin. It's fun, motivational music for any mood. listen here.


    George the poet

    Pink Matter

    Fantastic poet and performer. Seductive, slick lyrics that stay in your mind. Inspiring.

    Listen here.


  • Racing Reads

    The latest few from my bedside pile...

    Heart on Fire

    By Amanda Bouchet

    The third installment in the Kingmaker Chronicles. Game of Thrones meets Lord of the Rings with a sprinkling of Disney magic and myth. Bouchet's style is sharp, honest and at times a little steamy. Very steamy. Full on steam room.

    I am addicted. Our female protagonist is everything you could hope for - Strong, self doubting, passionate, fearful and fearless all at the same time. She possibly the most realistic element of this fantasy world.

    The Nightwalker

    By Sebastian Fitzek

    Murder mysteries are not usually my bag - but this was bloody brilliant! Fitzek takes you into a strange and un-nerving world... crammed into one apartment.

    Unexpected, insular, intense - highly recommended.





    The Marble collector

    By Cecelia Ahern

    I was on the hunt for a 'gentle' read and asked my lovely nan to recommend something and what a good recommendation it was. Delightful, sweet, entertaining and with an air of mystery, this is a gentle Sunday read to curl up on the couch with.

    Slade House

    By David Mitchell

    Cool. Cool. Cool. Clever, different, modern, super refreshing. Read it. Reeead it.

    This is one of the most imaginative things i've read and surprised with every page turn.


    Grief is the thing with feathers

    By Max Porter

    This really is like nothing I have ever read. But then again, grief was like nothing I had ever experienced. Impossible to put into words, and that I think, is not what Porter is trying to do with this imaginative novel. Instead the delightfully bewildering form takes centre stage and says so much within its 114 pages. A short read with a huge impact.

    Go set a watchman

    By Harper Lee

    I wish I could write something powerful. Meaningful here. I can't. There's not really a delicate way to say this to you Harper Lee fans out there, but this was pants. The beloved characters are distorted. As a child they were so vividly real to me. I knew Scout. Perhaps I just needed to read watchman as a child... or maybe I just missed something?